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Ambio special issue by Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring Programme

Kobbefjord, Greenland. Photo:Katrine Raundrup
Kobbefjord, Greenland. Photo: Katrine Raundrup
The Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring programme has produced a special issue of the journal AMBIO: Synthesis of the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring Programme.

The special issue presents 13 papers, which based on Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring Programme (GEM) data, describes chosen results and analyses of the past 10 and 20 years that the programme has operated at Nuuk and Zackenberg respectively. They cover all scientific disciplines covered by GEM and some also put results into a pan-Arctic context. An introduction and a postscript section presents the GEM history in brief and outlines the strategy for the coming years. Many authors are affiliated to Lund University Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, including Professor Torben R. Christensen who is the scientific leader of GEM.


Link to special issue at Springer

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