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New LUCCI R3I leaders

New R3I leaders Margarida Soares (left) and Emma Nilsson (right).
New R3I leaders Margarida Soares (left) and Emma Nilsson (right).
Geologist Emma Nilsson and biologist Margarida Soares takes on the LUCCI R3I leadership after Ylva and Niklas. Let´s ask them a few questions to find out more!

Hello Emma and Margarida!

Who are you, and what made you come to Lund to study biology/geology?

Emma: After my M.Sc. I was interested in geology so I took some courses at the Geology department. Then an interesting PhD project within geology became available and I took this chance to learn more about a very fascinating topic. 

Margarida: During my undergraduate Biology studies in Portugal I had the chance to attend a summer course in Limnology in Sweden. It was a great experience! Later on I decided enroll on a M.Sc. in Biology in Lund. After I finished my master thesis I started a PhD in Microbial Ecology.

What is your research field?

Margarida: The aim of my PhD project is to understand the ecology of the major microbial decomposers, bacteria and fungi, focusing on their contribution to carbon cycling.

Emma: I use cosmogenic radionuclides as a proxy for solar activity and study the 11-year solar cycle during the last 11 000 years.

Who are you as a scientist?
Emma: As a scientist I see myself as a person trying to answer questions. 

Margarida: I am interested in several topics within microbial ecology and carbon cycling, and I am learning everyday how to become a scientist!

You will shared the leadership of LUCCI R3i, what are your hopes and plans for this?

That many PhD students and Post-docs enjoy the activities that we will plan this coming year.

Have you got anything that you want to say to the members?   

R3i provides a great opportunity for PhD students and Post Docs within LUCCI to get to know each other’s work through scientific and social events! Join us!


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