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Upcoming disputations

Patrick Frings will on defend his thesis “Integrating fluvial processes into the global Si cycle” on October 31, 2014. The opponent will be Louis Derry, associate Professor at Cornell University, USA. The disputation will be held at Pangea auditorium, Geocentrum II, at 13.15.

Florian Adolphi will on November 14, 2014, defend his thesis. The title is “Solar activity changes during the end of the last Ice Age – impacts on climate and applications for dating”. The disputation will be held at Världen auditorium, Geocentrum I, at 13.15.The opponent will be Jesper Olsen from Aarhus University, Denmark.

Cecilia Olsson will on November 14, 2014, defend her thesis “Tree phenology modelling in the boreal and temperate climate zones: Timing of spring and autumn events”. he opponent will be Andrew Richardson, Associate Professor at Harvard University, USA.

Newsletter september 2014


There was a workshop on the 31st of March, organised by the R3I. The theme was be "CLIMATE AND CARBON CYCLE INTERACTIONS AT DIFFERENT TIMESCALES" with a presenter from each WP. Keynote speakers: Svante Björck and Jörgen Olofsson.

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Welcome to LUCCI!

LUCCI is a research centre at Lund University devoted to studies of the carbon cycle and how it interacts with the climate system. The centre involves about 120 researchers from four Lund university departments: Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Geology, Biology and Physics.

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Latest news

Sahel research in the news

2014-10-23: Hakim Abdi was interviewed in the south swedish newspaper Skånska Dagbladet on the 18th of October, as his research in the Sahel area shows that the need for food for people and animals as well as fuels, is growing. The study covers the years 2000 to 2010, a period during which the population has grown by more than 100 million people.

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Astronomy-geology research granted

2014-10-03: Five research projects in Lund has all together been granted with 180 million SEK from The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Geologist Birger Schmitz and astronomy researcher colleagues Melwyn Davies and Anders Johansen gets a share to do collaboration research in the project “IMPACT: Comets, asteroids and the habitability of planets”.

Astronomical events that happened several hundred million years back in time, can be reconstructed based on the alien mineral that scientists find in seabed sediments. With data from the European Space satellite Gaia, the scientists will determine the solar motion in the Milky Way. It can then be revealed whether and in that case how astronomical events coincide with for example ice ages and mass extinctions, by comparing astronomical observations with geological data.

source:The Wallenberg Foundations and Lund University

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Increased photosynthesis compensates for shorter growing season in subarctic tundra—8 years of snow accumulation manipulations

2014-10-02: An article, "Increased photosynthesis compensates for shorter growing season in subarctic tundra—8 years of snow accumulation manipulations", by Julia Bosiö et al has been published in "Climatic Change". The study aims to analyze the effect of increased snow cover on plant photosynthesis in subarctic mires underlain by permafrost.

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