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Upcoming Events

Licenciate defence

Johan Martinsson, Physics

Welcome toJohan Martinssons , Nuclear Physics, presents and defends his lic thesis "Evaluating methods in source apportionment of the carbonaceous aerosol" on Thursday 29 January. Opponent: Docent Anders Gudmundsson, EAT, LTH, Lund

Date/room/time:Friday 28 January/Room H322, Physics Department, Professorsgatan 1, Lund University / 09:00


Moa Sporre, Physics

Ph D student Moa Sporre , Dept of Physics, presents and defends her thesis "Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions - Studied using combinations of remote sensing and in-situ data" on Friday 19 February. Opponents: Professor Ilan Koren, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Date/room/time:Friday 19 February/Lecture hall Rydbergsalen, Physics Department, Professorsgatan 1, Lund University, Faculty of Engineering / 09:15

Read thesis summary here


Christian Stiegler

Ph D student Christian Stiegler , Dept of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, will present and defend his doctoral thesis "Surface energy exchange and land-atmosphere interactions of Arctic and subarctic tundra ecosystems under climate change" on Friday 19 February. Opponent is Prof. Peter Lafleur, Department of Geography, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada.

Date/room/time:Friday 19 February/Världen audiotorium, Geocentrum I, Sölvegatan 12, Lund / 10:00

Read thesis summary here

Welcome to LUCCI!

Lund University Centre
for studies of Carbon Cycle and Climate Interactions

LUCCI is a research centre at Lund University devoted to studies of the carbon cycle and how it interacts with the climate system. The centre involves about 120 researchers from five Lund university departments: Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Geology,Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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Latest news


LUCCI researchers on spring library tour

Ylva Persson, Svante Björck, Elisabeth Einarsson and Håkan Wallander will all be speakers on the LU public library tour this spring. They will give popular talks about their research topics to the public at local libraries at various villages around Scania.

Find the tour dates here (in swedish)


R3i inspired in Copenhagen

On the 4th of December, the LUCCI young scientist group R3i went to Copenhagen for teambuilding and inspiration. Several hours were spent on the National museum, where topics such as dendrochronology, pollen dating and Scandinavian history were discussed.

As the winter darkness set in, they continued to Tivoli in order to enjoy the Christmas decorations, drink some glögg or glühwein and enjoy other team-building activities.

In a joint effort, the R3i members won a new mascot for R3i, a plush toy in the shape of a squared frog. It was named “LP-Jay” and both Niklas and Ylva are sharing custody of the frog on R3is account.


The Baltic Sea is recovering

35 years ago the Baltic Sea water was not allowed to swim in at some locations, due to contamination. Today that trend has turned for the first time in many decades.Even though there are still algal blooms and dead seafloors, the adding of nutrients from land to the Baltic is decimating. Those good news comes from a report of a study made by researcher from Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Daniel Conley at Department of Geology at Lund University, and a member of LUCCI, is one of the researchers.

- We can see that the water quality has improved in most parts of the Baltic Sea, he says to Hållbarhetsforum.

However at some parts near the seafloor the quality is still worsen, but overall sea sea is getting better.The study is outlining the over-fertilization in various parts of the Baltic between 1901 and 2012. (Source: and

Read more at Östersjöcentrum (in swedish)


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