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Upcoming disputations

Julie Maria Falk will on September 26 defend her thesis titled
“Plant-soil-herbivore interactions in a high Arctic wetland - Feedbacks to the carbon cycle" exchange in a boreal forest: the role of soils vegetation and forest management ”, in lecture hall Pangea at Geocentrum II, at 10.00. The opponent will be Professor Eric Post, from Department of Biology and Director of the Polar Center at Penn State University, USA.

Florian Adolphi will on November 14 defend his thesis. Title to be announced.

Elin Sundqvist defended on June 12her thesis titled
“ Methane exchange in a boreal forest: the role of soils vegetation and forest management ”, in lecture hall Pangea at Geocentrum II. The opponent was professor Per Ambus from the Technical university of Denmark, Roskilde.

Anette Mellström defended her Ph D thesis “Investigations of temporal changes in climate and the geomagnetic field via high-resolution radiocarbon dating“ on the 13th of June, at 13:15, in lecture room Pangea, Sölvegatan 12, Lund. The opponent was Dr. Bas van Geel från University of Amsterdam.


There was a workshop on the 31st of March, organised by the R3I. The theme was be "CLIMATE AND CARBON CYCLE INTERACTIONS AT DIFFERENT TIMESCALES" with a presenter from each WP. Keynote speakers: Svante Björck and Jörgen Olofsson.

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New LUCCI post-doc

Exclusively for LUCCI people, in January we had the opportunity to open a call for project ideas that integrate the science across the WPs in the best possible way. In total six applications were received. The proposals have been evaluated based on criteria of novelty and originality, scientific excellence, merits of applicants and degree of integration across LUCCI objectives. The decision is that the project "Carbon dynamics of past terrestrial and marine ecosystems: System and cross system responses to natural and anthropogenic stressors", by applicants Poska et al. will receive LUCCI funding for a 2-year post-doc position.

List of proposals

Call text

Welcome to LUCCI!

LUCCI is a research centre at Lund University devoted to studies of the carbon cycle and how it interacts with the climate system. The centre involves about 120 researchers from four Lund university departments: Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Geology, Biology and Physics.

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Latest news

LUCCI Annual Meeting

2014-09-10: The Annual Meeting of LUCCI took place at Örenäs Castle and gathered around 50 participants. The meeting was honoured to have Oscar E. Romero from University of Bremen, Markku Rummukainen (Lund University, IPCC) and Raimund Muscheler (Lund University) as key note speakers at the meeting. There were also group discussions and poster mingle adding to the outcome. Vivi Vajda was officially taking over as the coordinator of LUCCI, with Anders Lindroth now being the co-pilot for the years to come.

Meeting program

Media light on LUCCI researchers


The past month there has been a lot of media light on LUCCI researchers. In mid-July, Professor Anders Lindroth was interviewed by Sydnytt about the mast that has been set up in the woods in the village of Perstorp. The mast will be used for measurements of climate gases but can be used for other purposes as well.

Read more and watch TV feature (in swedish)

Vivi Vajda was having several media teams following the excavations in Korsaröd last week, where lots of interesting fossils were found.

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Further,on the 18th of august the spotlight was on Raimiund Muscheler and his research on the solar activity. News sources TT and Aftonbladet published news items on this, and again local television broadcast Sydnytt had a feature in the evening Tv News.

Read more and watch TV feature (in swedish)

Two LUCCI names on the Highly Cited Researchers list

2014-07-07: Representing some of the world´s leading scientific minds, the highly Cited Researchers list 2014 have not one but two names from LUCCI. Professor Anders Lindroth and professor emeritus Marin Sykes are both ranked among the top 1 % that are most cited for their subject field.

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LUCCI at Almedalen

2014-07-07: LUCCI was present at the political week at Almedalen last week. LUCCI member Markku Rummukainen was there representing CEC this time, participating as a speaker in two of the events.
Further, Anders Lindroth had an article in Forskarbladet that was distributed to the Almedalen polititians and visitors during the week.

CEC at Alemdalen

Article (in swedish)

Book release -
Ecosystem Dynamics: From the Past to the Future

2014-05-19: Professor Emeritus Martin Sykes (LUCCI) has in collaboration with Professor Richard Bradshaw written the book ”Ecosystem Dynamics: from the past to the future”, to be released by John Wiley & Sons Inc in May.

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Daniel Conley awarded

2014-05-19: In the 2014 ASLO awards (Association for the sciences of Limnology and Oceanography), Daniel Conley was selected a honoree for the Ruth Patrick Award.

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Torben R. Christensen comments in Nature

Professor Torben R. Christensen has a comment published in the international top science journal Nature.

In the comment, he looks back at the scientific work in the field of methane flux research since more than 20 years, and worries about the fact that Arctic methane emissions remain almost as uncertain as they were then, and points out that the research on methane fluxes needs to be extended.

"Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas — it is some 25 times stronger per tonne than carbon dioxide in warming the climate. So not knowing why it varies in the atmosphere is a serious problem. Worse, tipping points in the climate system that cause sudden surges in methane release from the Arctic would have a substantial effect on global temperatures", he writes.

Read the comment in Nature

Interview with Torben (in swedish)


Open position: Professor in Physical Geography at Lund University

Lund University announces an opening: Professor in Physical Geography with a specialisation in Ecosystem Exchange Processes.

The Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science (INES) requires a professor whose main tasks are to carry out and lead research, as well as to strengthen, integrate and further develop existing research activities and foci. The successful candidate is also expected to participate in undergraduate and postgraduate education.

The research at INES is organised within four related areas or themes:

Candidates must hold a degree of Doctor of Philosophy or equivalent in Physical Geography, Ecosystem Science, or a related discipline of relevance for the position.

Closing date for applications: August 31, 2014
Date of appointment: As soon as possible
Placement: Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

Read announcement (pdf)


Deoxynation of the Baltic sea

2014-04-07: Professor Daniel Conley, Department og Geology, have been participating in an international study on the deoxynation on the Baltic Sea. The results are published in the March issue of PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America).

The results show that the deoxygenation of the water close to the floor of the Baltic Sea has tenfolded the last 115 years. In 1900 the affected seafloor covered an area of 5000 square kilometers, while 2012 that area was more than 60 000 square kilometers. Deoxynation leads to the death of animals in those waters, and also disturbs the balance of the sea ecosystem.

The researchers find leakage of nutrients and climate responsible for the change.

-Politicians in the countries related to the Baltic sea must actively work to reduce the leakage of nutrients. Otherwise the state of the Baltic sea will be even worse, Daniel Conley says.

Link to LU press release

PNAS article


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