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Research Integration, Innovation and Inspiration

The R3I group is intended to be a forum where all LUCCI PhD students and Post Docs can meet and discuss their work and have workshops and courses, as well as social events.

To enhance the communication between the young scientists and the steering group,  the R3I group have one  (+ one replacement) or two persons that coordinate the activities of R3I, and attend the LUCCI core group as a full member. This representative will act as the link between the R3I group and the leaders of the environment and the work packages. In January 2015 Niklas Olén and Ylva Persson took on a shared leadership.

The R3I group meet at least 2 times per semester for an excursion or workshop, and fika meetings. Although most meetings are expected to have a specific theme, what actually happens will largely be decided by the R3I group members.

Contact Niklas Olén and Ylva Persson if you are interested in knowing more or joining the R3I group!


workshop participants discussing
Workshop participants discussing oral presentation techniques with teachers, professor in rethorics Anders Sigrell and science communications specialist Caroline Bolmeson, february 2016

Examples of R3I activities:


WORKSHOP: Oral presentations - Tools for Talking 0,5 ETC Feb 2016

Teambuilding and inspiration excursion to the National museum and Tivoli, Dec 2015

Excursion to the MAX IV lab June 2015

WORKSHOP:Scientific Writing and Publishing with Impact, Jan 2015

Excursion to The House of Challenges, Malmö, winter 2014

Workshop: "Climate and Carbon Cycle Interactions at Different Timescales", spring 2014

Excursion to The Blue Planet, Copenhagen, Autumn 2013

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