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Hafiz Abdul Azeem: Extraction and Chromatography of targeted emission markers in atmospheric aerosols

Jan Blanke: European ecosystems on a changing planet : Integrating climate change and land-use intensity data

Wilhelm Dubber: Natural and social dimensions of forest carbon accounting

Johan Gren: Molecular, micro- and ultrastructural investigations of labile tissues in deep time

Kristin Rath: Soil salinity as a driver of microbial community structure and functioning

Ana Soares: Riverine sources of bioreactive macroelements and their impact on bacterioplankton metabolism in a recipient boreal estuary

Min Wang: Characteristics of BVOC emissions from a Swedish boreal forest : Using chambers to capture biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) from trees and forest floor

Zhendong Wu: Modelling the terrestrial carbon cycle – drivers, benchmarks, and model-data fusion




Laurie Charrieau: DISCO - Drivers and Impacts of Coastal Ocean Acidification

Ashley Gumsley: Validating the existence of the supercraton Vaalbara in the Mesoarchaean to Palaeoproterozoic

Patrik Vestin: Effects of forest management on greenhouse gas fluxes in a boreal forest

Johan Martinsson: Development and Evaluation of Methods in Source Apportionment of the Carbonaceous Aerosol

Ylva van Meeningen: Is genetic diversity more important for terpene emissions than latitudinal adaptation? Using genetically identical trees to better understand emission fluctuations across a European gradient.

Cerina Wittbom: Black Death - Blue Skies - White Clouds

Niklas Boke-Olén: Global Savannah Phenology: Integrating Earth Observation, Ecosystem Modelling, and PhenoCams

Hakim Abdi: Primary Production in African Drylands : Quantifying Supply and Demand Using Earth Observation and Socio-ecological Data

Norbert Pirk: Tundra meets atmosphere: Seasonal dynamics of trace gas exchange in the High Arctic

Minchao Wu: Land-atmosphere interactions and regional Earth system dynamics due to natural and anthropogenic vegetation changes


Kerstin Engström: Pathways to future cropland : Assessing uncertainties in socio-economic processes by applying a global land-use model

Per-Ola Olsson: Monitoring insect defoliation in forests with time-series of satellite based remote sensing data - near real-time methods and impact on the carbon balance

Moa Sporre: Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions - Studied using combinations of remote sensing and in-situ data

Christian Stiegler: Surface energy exchange and land-atmosphere interactions of Arctic and subarctic tundra ecosystems under climate change



Hanna Alfredsson: Terrestrial Si dynamics in the Arctic: a study on biotic and abiotic controls

Conny Lenz: Manganese cycling in the Baltic Sea over the last ~8000 years: the influence of redox conditions on mineral formation and burial

Claire McKay: Benthic environmental responses to climatic changes during the late Quaternary: a micropalaeontological and geochemical approach

Stefan Olin: Ecosystems in the Anthropocene: the role of cropland management for carbon and nitrogen cycle processes

Wenxin Zhang: The role of biogeophysical feedbacks and their impacts in the arctic and boreal climate system



Florian Adolphi: Solar activity changes during the end of the last Ice Age – impacts on climate and applications for dating

Cecilia Olsson: Tree phenology modelling in the boreal and temperate climate zones: Timing of spring and autumn events

Julie Maria Falk: Plant-soil-herbivore interactions in a high Arctic wetland - Feedbacks to the carbon cycle

Sadegh Jamali: Analyzing Vegetation Trends with Sensor Data from Earth Observation Satellites

Annette Mellström: Investigations of temporal changes in climate and the geomagnetic field via high-resolution radiocarbon dating

Elin Sundqvist:: Methane exchange in a boreal forest: the role of soils vegetation and forest management



Anders Ahlström: Terrestrial Ecosystem Interactions with Global Climate and Socio-Economics

Adam Bahr: Ectomycorrhizal fungi: Their role in nitrogen retention and carbon sequestration in northern coniferous forests

Petra Bragée: A palaeolimnological study of the anthropogenic impact on dissolved organic carbon in South Swedish lakes

Johan Genberg: Source apportionment of carbonaceaous aerosol

Yengoh Genesis Tambang: Explaining Agricultural Yield Gaps in Cameroon

Jörgen Olofsson: The Earth - climate and anthropogenic interactions in a long time perspective

Stephanie Reischke: Bacterial and fungal growth in soil: The effect of temperature and substrate addition

David Wårlind: The Role of Carbon-Nitrogen Interactions for Terrestrial Ecosystem Dynamics under Global Change - a modelling perspective



Martin Sjöström: Satellite remote sensing of primary production in semi-arid Africa

Michal Heliasz: Spatial and temporal dynamics of subarctic birch forest carbon exchange

Zhenlin Yang: Small-scale climate variability and its ecosystem impacts in the sub-Arctic  



Torbern Tagesson: Land-atmosphere exchange of carbon in a high-Arctic wet tundra ecosystem



Mikhail Mastepanov: Towards a changed view on greenhouse gas exchange in the Arctic: new findings and improved techniques

Anna Wramneby: The Role of Vegetation-Climate Feedbacks in Regional Earth System Dynamics



Margareta Johansson: Changing Lowland Permafrost in Northern Sweden: Multiple Drivers of Past and Future Trends

Ulla Kokfelt: Subarctic ecosystem responses to climate, catchment and permafrost dynamics in the Holocene

Johannes Rousk: On the Ecology of Saprotrophic Fungi and Bacteria in Soil: Biotic and Abiotic Control of Growth Rates

Anders Cronholm: The flux of extraterrestrial matter to Earth as recorded in Paleogene and Middle Ordovician marine sediments

Marcin Jackowics-Korczynski: Land-atmosphere interaction of a subarctic palsa mire

Magnus Lund: Peatlands at a Threshold: Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in a Changing Climate

Linda Larsson-Lindgren: Climate and vegetation during the Miocene - evidence from Danish palynological assemblages

Bryhildur Bjarnadottir: Carbon stocks and fluxes in a young Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) plantation in Iceland





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