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Drivers and Impacts of Coastal Ocean Acidification

The continuous increase of atmospheric CO2 does not only cause global warming, but also decreases the pH of the seawater, since the world oceans act as a major sink of CO2. This process is referred to as ocean acidification and is known to negatively affect many marine calcifying organisms.

The main goal of the DISCO Project (Drivers and Impacts of Coastal Ocean Acidification) is to gain a better understanding of the response of different benthic organisms, such as foraminifer, to changes in ocean acidification and other important environmental stressors, such as eutrophication and hypoxia, in the Skagerrak, Kattegat and Baltic Sea area during the last 200 years.


Helena Filipsson

Emma Kritzberg

Karl Ljung

Petra Schoon, Postdoctoral researcher

Laurie Charrieau, PhD student


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Helena Filipsson

Helena [dot] Filipsson [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se

LUCCI - Lund University Centre for studies of Carbon Cycle and Climate Interactions

Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

Lund University

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