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Terrestrial ecosystems

Land-based ecosystems all over the globe are going through important changes, and hence the carbon cycle in theses systems. LUCCI researchers are studying the drivers and processes in vegetation and soils connected to the carbon cycle, and where the sources and sinks are in the global carbon budget.

Photo: (c) Adam Bahr

In LUCCI, we want to make a detailed understanding of how external factors such as temperature, moisture and radiation regulate the carbon balance of boreal and sub-arctic ecosystems from local to regional scales. An important part is to study the role that vegetation has in the carbon cycle and production of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and how these feedback to the climate system. The processes involved will be studied at different spatial scales from the microbial to regional scales using flux measurements by chambers, towers and aircrafts, experiments under controlled conditions in laboratory, as well as models for upscaling to larger regions.

LUCCI - Lund University Centre for studies of Carbon Cycle and Climate Interactions

Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

Lund University

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