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Researcher expert fields

Ask us almost anything about carbon cycling and climate change, in the past, present and modelled future. LUCCI has the experts on climate evolvement and processes since millions of years and today.

Soil and vegetation

Arctic and sub-arctic terrestrial environments

Professor Torben Christensen

Senior lecturer Lena Ström

Microbial communities and soils

Professor Erland Bååth

Professor Håkan Wallander

Forests as carbon sources and sinks

Professor Anders Lindroth

Wildfires, vegetation and climate modelling

Researcher Veiko Lehsten

Researcher Chiara Molinari

Climate, carbon cycling and  vegetation in savannah environments in Afrika

Senior lecturer Jonas Ardö

Regional carbon cycling, climate and vegetation dynamics, modelling

Professor Ben Smith

Global and local climate systems, carbon fluxes, climate change observations

Senior lecturer Maj-Lena Linderson

Atmosphere and the sun

Aerosols and particle processes in the climate system

Professor Erik Swietlicki

Professor Kristina Stenström

Greenhouse gas emissions and uptake

Professor Torben Christensen

Solar forcing and climate changes in present and past

Professor Raimund Muscheler


Carbon processes in the ocean, Late Quaternary climate

Senior lecturer Helena Filipsson

Freshwater systems and nutrient cycling

Senior lecturer Martin Berggren

Baltic sea, nutrient cycling, climate

Professor Daniel Conley


Climate variations and environments in the past

Dendrochronology - dating old wood

Research engineer Hans Linderson

Ice ages, paleoclimate and paleoenvironments and sea levels

Professor emeritus Svante Björck

Landscape and vegetation responses to climate change during late ice ages

Professor Dan Hammarlund

Solar forcing and climate changes in present and past, climate archives (ice cores, pollen etc)

Professor Raimund Muscheler

Late Quaternary climate

Senior lecturer Helena Filipsson

Climate evolution and events in a  time perspective of 10-100 million years, green house - ice house worlds

Professor Birger Schmitz

Dinosaurs, green house - ice house worlds, mass extinctions, plant and animal development  in a  time perspective of 10-100 million years

Professor Vivi Vajda

Holocene fire activity at regional/global scale

Researcher Chiara Molinari




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